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Qualified manpower

Availability of Manpower
Overview of the Employment Market in the Baranya Region

Compared to 2017-2018, an economic catching-up process started in Baranya in the year 2019. By 2019 the growth dynamic of regional industrial production rose to the third strongest in the country, performing better than Budapest as the knowledge intensive industry is the main motor of the development of the country. Parallel to the economic development, positive demographic trends can be registered: the curve of population decline has flattened just like the one of the aging of the population. In 2019, the number of new investments of economic organizations seated in Baranya inclined by 19% compared to the year before. New investments worth 138 billion HUF were registered. Therefore, the growth lay significantly above the national average of 6.9%. By the end of December 2019, 14000 job seekers were listed in the region of Baranya. This number of potentially available manpower rose by 1.6% compared to the year before, while declining on the national level.

Source: KSH data, pecsinvest.hu

In general, it can be said that in the city the percentage of people with higher job qualifications and diplomas is above the national average and the percentage of people with only very basic education is lower.
Adequate support of the investors at the job market is ensured through a number of factors:

  • manpower, that can be qualitatively used or retrained at the university is available;
  • the city is also the center of one of the biggest areas with high population density with excellent traffic connections, so the demand for manpower for more investors can be covered right there;
  • there is no necessity to mobilize domestic workers, as the local university is able to secure a long-term offer of skilled workers and people with higher education.

For investments with noticeable effects on the employment situation, there are numerous national-  and EU-support programs which not only contribute to the development of production infrastructure, but also to the supply of the necessary human capacities. It is therefore obvious, that the investors have easily accessible financial means at their disposal in order to carry out their investment in the best possible quality and at the same time cost-efficient.
In the case of individual investor requirements, the Pécsi Városfejlesztési Zrt. establishes the complete documentation of the grant application in a separate arrangement, carries out the case supervision, and gets involved in inclusion of additional grants for the company settled in Pècs.

Educational Institutions in Pécs and Surroundings

Pécs offers numerous, excellent educational institutions. The most important of them the University of Pécs with the facilities:

The dual system of vocational education and training strengthens the cooperation between vocational education and the economic sphere: the system teaches knowledge-based, practical skills, development of digital skills, a creative comprehensive mindset, and respectively the ability of flexible adaptation. In the case of practical education, the dual educational institution, i.e. the company that organizes the training, and the student agree on employment conformable to the regulations of the labor code. 

In Pécs, the high school Károly Zipernowsky, as well as the specialized secondary school Mihály Pollack, offers the possibility of dual studies in cooperation with regional companies. At the University of Pécs, one can take dual studies at the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology.