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Realised funds

Within the framework of the EU funding DDOP-1.1.1/AC-11-2012-0003 and the development of the Industrial Park Pécs South, the net of infrastructure and the service building were realized.

Ipark Pécs Ipari Park Fejlesztő Kft. realized the funding ‘The Development of the Commercial Infrastructure and Investment Climate’ within the Új Széchényi Terv regional operative program Southpannonia, code number DDOP-1.1.1/AC-11-2012-0003. The guaranteed total costs of the project were net 1 096 857 976HUF. The grant was net 461 372 082HUF. The total value of the investments was 1 450 000 000HUF.


The realization of the project was carried out with grants of the EU and co-financing of the EU regional and urban development fund.

Funding organization: Ministry for National Economy

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